Wednesday, September 23, 2009

When it rains...

So God's will has struck again, the site is down but this time it has nothing to do with the server. My internet connection seems to have crapped out. Because I pay $200 a month for it though one of the perks is "emergency service" so I have a guy coming in sometime beteween 5pm-8pm EST to take a look at it and hopefully get everything back and running.


  1. Given your recent problems, have you considered external hosting?

    The guys over at
    give cheap MySQL based sites.
    Costs are in USD per annum.
    MySql            $11 per process
    DNS             $9.35
    whois privacy   $3.65
    1GB of traffic $1    (no time limit)
    1GB of storage $120  (charged per cent for fractions of GB)

  2. Nooooooo!

    Yet more examples that (the christian) god MUST exist! What else could possibly explain RW being down....?

    Godspeed with the repair.

  3. We should get those witches to stop cursing us.

  4. My captcha word for that last comment was "mings", which the whole situation certainly does.

  5. I don't think people fully understand just how intensive RW is as far as hosting. We get 5-8 thousand unique visitors a day, making 10k+ vists total. A visit entails a lot of page views, some only look at one page and leave, others look at a 1000 pages a visit.

    The retrieval of this information alone is going to exceed anything that cheaper hosting options have available. When you take into account the active editing, the voting on wigos, etc. It is a massive project.

    There is a reason large scale web projects don't really use commercial hosting. And RW, while not at a wikipedia level, is not a small scale website anymore.

    The cheapest hosting options for the website that could actually support it are multiple hundred of dollars a month. If the site grows in size even more we are talking $500+ a month for hosting charges.

    At the moment I don't even get enough in donations to completely cover the monthly cost we do incur, let alone ten times as much.

  6. Your gadget (or whatever you call it) that indicate the status of RW on your Blog is probably not working properly.

  7. @Thieh

    The server's not down; it's a problem with the internet connection.

  8. The widget does work, but you have to wait for the page to load completely before it changes to red.

    It is a bit confusing at first!

  9. Trent, I wish you gave us more info about site costs (somewhere). It is unfair that you have to stump up more than your share to subsidise the lulz of the stingy.