Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hardware replacement, downtime

I think I have discovered the issues with the random shutdowns that took the site off line. As is the case with everything in life the solution to the problem is going to cost money and time.

I will be heading out to purchase some new hardware this afternoon and its installation will cause some downtime. If all goes as planned it will be less than an hour. I will give a 20-30 minute warning on RW before I take things down.

Google prodding still needed btw:

Gish Gallop

UPDATE: Okay I lied. I am trying to get a few things done at once, and the completion time on task 1 is taking longer than I anticipated so the hardware replacement has been delayed till late tonight or tomorrow.

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  1. I should do more stuff on that Gallop article, it could do with a bit more detail on the technique. Mind you it is still getting linked to by all the right people. I think this is were RW successeds, filling in areas missing in Wikipedia because of the notability and NPOV. They can't just come out and say Gish is a sneeky bugger who couldn't lie straight in bed.