Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And we are back....

What appears to have happened is my next door neighbors got a cable hookup, and God put it into the mind of the cable technician to accidentally disconnect my cable while doing the hook up.

Where God failed in his plan was in prevent another technician from showing up and fixing the problem. An even larger failure was that he allowed the technician to show up hours early! How often does that happen? I think we know who to thank for that!

On a more serious note, in my comment on the last post I discussed the monthly cost of running RW. The point was not to ask for more money, the cost stems form the dedicated IP address and extra bandwidth that RW requires. It is an extra $50 a month above what I would pay anyway. I get about $20 a month in donations from people that give every month. That means my per month out of pocket expense is $30 a month. I can totally handle that. The occasional need for new hardware that I can't afford is usually met almost immediately by a small donation drive. Every now and then I get an extra donation that I keep on the back burner for emergencies.

The RW accounts have about $80 sitting in them right now for emergency purchases. I like to keep that amount around $100-$150 to make sure I can get almost anything we need.

All of this is to say that at the moment the financial cost of RW is not really a burden on anyone. That was the point to moving to a privately hosted site.

If we were to try and move to a commercially hosted site the financial burden increases multiple fold for me and those people who are able and willing to donate. There is also substantial risk that if we fail to get enough cash we could lose the site.

So we put up with this less than perfect up time because it means that RW is under no immediate risk of permanent shutdown and is not a going to bankrupt anyone in the proccess.

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