Saturday, August 5, 2017

Emergency maintenance, Sun 06 Aug 2017, 0100 UTC on

Linode (our hosting company) has discovered hardware problems, with action to start at 0100 UTC tomorrow morning:

We continuously monitor the health of our equipment, and we've been alerted to an issue with the physical hardware on which your Linode resides. Specifically, there is a hardware issue with the RAID system which could cause data loss. Your Linode needs to be migrated to a new server immediately to avoid extended downtime or data loss. Due to the severity of this issue, we decided that an emergency migration is more prudent than scheduling maintenance.

The maintenance will start on Saturday, August 5 at 9PM EDT (Sunday, August 6 at 1AM UTC).

When your Linode migrates, it will be cleanly shutdown, migrated to its new hardware, and then returned to its last state (running or powered off). You can monitor your position in the migration queue from your Linode’s Dashboard. All of your data and any IP addresses assigned to your Linode will be migrated as well. The migration process will move your Linode’s disk images at the rate of 3-5 GB of data per minute.

Update: Completed without problems.