Saturday, February 16, 2013

Search index updated, will update weekly.

Search on RationalWiki uses Lucene. The Lucene index hadn't actually updated since July 2012 - because incremental updating didn't work, because Trent had to disable the OAIRepository extension because it was breaking other stuff.

A complete reindex (we're currently around 86,000 pages total) takes 20-30 minutes, so David's set it to run one of those weekly. This is not ideal, but is a vast improvement.

Fixing it properly will require fixing OAIRepository, and possibly even writing documentation that doesn't have a big red warning saying it's completely wrong. Anyone feeling inspired?

Friday, February 8, 2013

Editing through open proxies has been blocked.

We've been suffering an attack from a vandalbot written specially for us which appears to hop from open proxy to open proxy. So I've had to disable editing through an open proxy, using the following lines in LocalSettings.php:

$wgEnableDnsBlacklist = true;
$wgDnsBlacklistUrls = array( '', '' );

Ordinary not-logged-in IP-number editors should be able to edit and remonstrate with us over our ignorance in the usual manner, per the invitation to do so on the front page (and have been doing so).

Note that I think the open proxy block also affects logged-in users. If you are a regular RW editor and this is a serious problem for you, please email David.

This only affects English RationalWiki, not Russian RationalWiki .

Editing through an ordinary non-anonymous proxy (your work or ISP) is fine.