Friday, February 28, 2014

Incoming! Rapid server reconfiguration underway ...

RationalWiki just got sued by Kent Hovind. The lawsuit is a comedy classic and will brighten your Friday afternoon. (Saloon Bar discussion.)

We're not worried about the suit — the worry is that we're about to get a zillion well-wishers hammering the server. Trent is frantically rejigging our setup as we write this, pressing a spare box into service. More news as it comes, and if the site entirely vanishes please try again five minutes later ...

Update, next day: We quickly spun up a 4GB Linode to just put Apache on (MediaWiki scales horizontally really well). It appears that Apache was taking lots of CPU, not MySQL! So we've split Apache for the main site between the two boxes (the old 8GB and the new 4GB) and the setup is ticking along nicely. Trent may have some nice graphs later.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The wiki is getting hammered.

Haven't checked the Squid logs as to what it is —I suspect fallout from the Nye/Ham debate. But we're getting a buttload of requests, a lot of Apache processes, load around 50-55, MySQL using 70% of CPU after a restart ... we're not actually running out of memory, the wiki's just legitimately doing a lot of work. So page loads are often working, but taking up to a minute, and there's lots of timeouts. David's keeping an eye on stuff.

Edit: It doesn't look like any particular article. Our creationism stuff in general is getting lots of hits. While youre waiting, here's today's Google cache of "How come there are still monkeys?"

Edit 2: Still very highly loaded, but is serving up pages now, if very slowly.