Thursday, November 26, 2009

Techinical issues...

If you have tried to access RW in the last hour or so you may have noticed we are having some technical issues.

Working on it while I type, and the good news is that the server was able to recover from a crash to a state that remote access was available. This is important because it means our fault protection appears to be working allowing for remote recovery from issues.

Hoping to have everything back and working with in the hour.

Update: Site recovery went fine, but rerunning back up since it got jacked up, so looking at another 20 minutes or so till the site is fully accessible again.

UPDATE: Okay site should be back up and running as normal. Its well past my bedtime.....have to teach tomorrow morning. OH well. Leave a message on my talk page or on here if you have problems with the site or you can contact Nx as he should be able to handle anything. He is still here right?

Sunday, November 1, 2009

October stats

October was the most active month ever for RW. There were multiple events that helped spur us on to nearly 100,000 unique IP address visits. We also appear to have recovered from our slump due to the RW outage in August/September.

Below is the daily traffic record. We had three major events that helped propel our traffic. I will talk about those below.