Monday, April 29, 2013

State of the blog: recovering.

And the blog returns from its holiday at the seaside. The blog is now happily resident on the main RationalWiki server. Just waiting for the DNS to resolve everywhere. I also need to fix the front page images (missing because of the way I did the import).
The next holiday at the seaside will probably be in a week or two, when I’m busy moving house. But I’m sure our contributors will write in great volume to take up the slack. Just as soon as I get around to recreating their accounts on this instance.

We also have an insanely dull front page, just waiting for a burgeoning blog network full of interesting people to spontaneously manifest from the quantum ether.


  1. Please use a different method to determine whether RW is "up" with that green letters below the logo, unless that has a completely different meaning and should then be adjust to reflect that.

  2. I don't have an RW account, so I didn't know how else to contact you guys, but the link on the WIGO clogosphere section ("what every wife needs to know") is crawling with trojans. You've probably already been told, but I figured I'd better say something just in case.

  3. 503 again on the 23rd (12PM UTC ish?). You may have something going on that require fixing.

  4. I'm also getting a persistent 503 error.

  5. I'm not working fine for me, RW obviously hates you.

    Not really


  6. Yeah, that didn't really make any sense did it?

    It was much funnier in my head.

  7. "RationalWiki is currently up"