Sunday, July 22, 2012


The vast majority of the work is completed on the upgrades for RW.

The most notable difference for our users is we have jumped 3 major releases to the latest version of MW. We are now running 1.19.1. If you want to know about the major changes review these pages:

Most of the extensions have been upgraded to newer releases as well but should continue to function normally. There were also major upgrades behind the scenes with our software and database but these should be mostly "silent" for normal users.

Continue to report in strange goings on at the RW technical support page.


  1. I can't unblock myself as a sysop :( [Sterile]

  2. Question:
    1.18 brings an official "collapse" tag to wiki-editing. How is this different from the collapsible text method we've been using before?

  3. the new thing uses jquery and is animated. the old one we used is a hacked version of what Wikipedia used, it had the added feature of (optionally) remembering the collapse state using cookies.