Monday, April 26, 2010

Tumble weeds

Well, people really love those tumble weeds. We are still getting hit with a lot of incoming traffic to that page. It started with some facebook posts, and now its spreading to some of the other social bookmarking type sites.

The internet's attention span shouldn't last much longer and RW will be back to normal. But we are likely to experience some slow downs and other issues (particularly with editing) till it passes.

Time to start thinking about expanding load capacity maybe?


  1. ConcernedresidentApril 26, 2010 at 5:57 PM

    If adding load capacity is easy enough then it's not a bad idea, so long as it doesn't delay or interfere with the backup ideas.

    It's nice to be popular, if only for brief moments.

  2. Yes, we need bigger brainz. This sort of thing is only going to happen over and over again. Trent needs a bigger tube, or truck, or something.

  3. The problem is that everything costs money. There is all sorts of things that need sorting out, backup, LLC, infrastructure expansion....if time sink is a pain but doable, but there is just not much in the way of financial backing for RW. In a pinch the community is great about meeting a specific need, its just draining to have to role out a fundraiser every 3-4 months. I know that is well within the norm for these kinds of endeavors I just suck at it.

  4. I popped a donation in yesterday, but I'm crap at remembering to do that. Any idea if PayPal will allow a monthly thing? It might make it easier to plan these things if there's regular (even if small) amounts coming in. The risk I see with expanding infrastructure is you could be left paying for it if donations become irregular.

    How about having a fund raising drive anyway? It's been a while since we did one, and there are some pretty exciting ideas being floated around that won't come to much unless there's cash to support them.

  5. I know it would be a long shot, and such a thing should be there as just a cash injection to get a specific upgrade rather than relying on it for running costs, but would we be able to get money from the James Randi or Richard Dawkins foundations or the AHA or, I don't know. RW does a lot and it's growing to the point where for many things it could be considered the "one stop shop" for certain things.